Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cinco de Mayo 2012: Super Easy Cheese Dip Recipe

Cinco de Mayo is on Saturday, May 5, 2012, so festivities are certainly in order, with yummy appetizers and drinks a necessity.  If you are preparing all the yummy Mexican food and drinks yourself for a Cinco de Mayo fiesta at your place, then easy dips and recipes are a must.  This Super Easy Cheese Dip Recipe takes just minutes to prepare using minimal ingredients and is always a big hit at parties.  

Super Easy Cheese Dip Recipe

You will need:

A large microwave safe bowl or casserole dish
1-2 blocks of Velveeta Cheese - I use 2% but all varieties will work

You can decide what mixers to put in your own Cheese Dip but options include: 

1-2 cans of Rotel or other mix of diced tomatoes and green chilies
any kind of salsa
or a mix of fresh ingredients including:
milk (a few tablespoons, just enough to to thin the cheese dip)
lemon or lime
diced onion
diced tomato
diced pepper (any kind, sweet, jalapeno, or your favorite pepper)
salt and pepper
whatever sounds good to you! 
Begin by opening up the Velveeta, and cutting the block(s) into about 1 inch cubes.   Put the cubes into the microwave safe bowl.  Microwave in about 30 to 60 second intervals, stopping to stir the cheese with a spatula to ease the melting process.  After the cheese has started to melt, you can stir in the salsa (my personal favorite), cans of Rotel, or milk if using fresh ingredients and continue heating in order to help thin the cheese dip.  Continue to heat and ingredients as needed until the cheese dip is hot (you will want it on the warmer side as it will cool while sitting out) and the consistency and taste is to your liking.  There are an infinite number of ways this cheese dip can be prepared using Velveeta cheese so have fun and do your thing.   
Something to remember when heating the dip:  don't let it warm in the microwave for too long of a stretch - you will know when the cheese starts to bubble, burn on the sides, and possibly even bubble over the top of your bowl or dish.  Just stirring every few seconds helps the cheese dip to heat evenly.  
This cheese dip can even be put in a small crockpot or slow cooker on the lowest setting once heated, or the ingredients all thrown in and stirred occasionally on a low heat setting, to make it even easier.  
Another option to this Super Easy Cheese Dip Recipe is purchasing a container of Mexican White Cheese Dip in the cheese section of your grocery store.  Not all grocery stores will have a tub of Mexican White Cheese Dip, and if not you can request it.  Be sure to get the kind that is a cheese dip that just needs to be heated; there are different white Mexican melting cheeses or options that don't melt properly and turn out to a major disappointment.  Also, many of the Mexican White Cheese Dip tubs say that they are microwave safe; just be aware, I find they have a funny taste when heated in the plastic tubs and simply transfer the cheese dip into my own microwave safe container before heating in the microwave.  
Enjoy your cheese dip and Mexican food and drinks and be sure to check out our other easy recipes for all your Cinco de Mayo fiesta needs.